SEYGO Tournament

SEYGO Tournament will be held in two age groups: U12 and U18. The age limits for U12 and U18 are defined as the beginning of July (U12 born on or after 01/07/2009, U18 born on or after 01/07/2003). Tournament fee is 15 EUR (free for SEYGO Tour 2021 subscribers).

There will be 5 rounds: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (free day on Thursday is dedicated to excursions). We will use “SEYGO System”: mixed pairings until Knock-Out matches in separate age-groups.

Registration for SEYGO Tournament and Camp:  Fill the form (Please fill the form for accompanying persons as well.)

Registered players (14th June 2021):  SEYGO Zaostrog List of Players

The opening ceremony will be held on Sunday (July 11) at 6:00 PM. 

The closing ceremony will be held on Saturday (July 17) in the evening. 

Prizes:  Trophies for winners and medals for best three players in both age groups. SEYGO Points according to the SEYGO Tour regulations.

Time limits: 60 minutes of basic time, with 3×30 seconds Japanese byoyomi.

Rules: Japanese with the EGF Tournament Rules regulations.