Go Lectures

During the Go camp, young Go players of all levels are enjoying the lectures by recognized Go teachers. We are happy to announce that lectures this year will be held by Catalin Taranu, 5p, teacher of EGF Academy and founder of the SEYGO Project.

The lectures will be organized each day, focusing on different parts of the game of Go. Since several games of each round will be automatically recorded using image recognition software, Catalin will have a plenty of material to go through.

All camp activities for participants accommodated in the Hostel Zaostrog are included in the package. For participants residing elsewhere the price is 50 EUR for the camp activities (it does not include participation fee for SEYGO tournament and Zaostrog Open).

Tsumego Competition

Solving of Go problems (Tsumego) is a fundamental skill which should be systematically developed by Go players of all ages and levels.

It is a tradition of Zaostrog Summer Go Camp that the Tsumego competition is a serious tournament organized by Elian Grigoriu, 6d, and Mirta Medak, 2d:

  • Participants are divided in 3-4 groups according to the go level.
  • Each group gets specially tailored group of tsumego problems each day.
  • The time for solving the problems is limited. 
  • The number of points is updated daily.
  • The best solvers in each group are awarded with medals.

Diving go

The discipline of swimming, diving and playing go has been invented for Zaostrog Go Camp in 2019. The following rules apply:

  • The magnetic demo board 9×9 is placed on a metal demo chess board at the depth of approximately 130 cm.
  • Young go players are divided into teams of various strength in go and various skill of diving.
  • Players of each team take turns by swimming at least 5 meters and getting the stone from the arbiter. Players observe the position only during the time they can breath underwater. It is not allowed to touch the bottom by feet.
  • After the placement the stone, the arbiter is fixing the position if stones are not fully aligned.
  • Arbiters give a hint if a move is impossible because of a ko.

Floating Go

For the Summer Go Camp in Zaostrog 2020, an additional variant of Go has been invented. We connected 49 swimrings into a 7×7 go board floating on the water. In addition, 20 white beach balls and 20 blue beach balls are used as go stones. 

  • The teams are again taking turns in throwing blue and white balls into the swimrings.
  • The funniest part is capturing of stones: a team member should dive under the goban and push the ball to the air from the water.
  • It is very important to avoid windy weather.

All Flavors of Go:

  • PairGo
  • Chess and Go (also in pairs)
  • Relay Go
  • Running Go