SEYGO Tour 2021 Summer Go Festival

Zaostrog, Croatia
July 11-18, 2021


28th July 2021: Finally, the video by Kris is ready to watch: Zaostrog Go Festival on YouTube!

22nd July 2021: Both tournaments are registered in the European Go Database: SEYGO Tour Stage 2 in EGD and Zaostrog Open in EGD.

17th July 2021, 17:20: The Stage 2 of SEYGO Tour Stage 2 tournament are readyDavide Bernardis, 3d, won the U18 Final against Virzhinia Shalneva, 3d. In the U12 age group Stjepan Medak, 4kyu, won the U12 Final against Mariia Chernova, 5kyuThe final standings are available on the page Results 

17th July 2021, 13:20: Although we are experiencing the power outage, the results of the Open tournament are readyDavide Bernardis, 3d, won the tournament with the perfect score – five wins. Elian Grigoriu, 5d, came second with four wins. Virzhinia Shalneva, 3d, got the third place with three wins, whereas Stjepan Medak, 4kyu, overtook 5 players from top group and got the fourth prize with four wins. The final standings and prizes are available on the page Results 

14th July 2021: In the morning we had a competition in Diving Go: five teams played underwater go. At the end, the team E. Grigoriu – M. Medak – V. Chernova – M. Chernova – Bende Barcza – Bora Barcza won. The third rounds of both tournaments are finished. The main surprises in the Open tournament were the win of Stjepan Medak, 4k, against Gabriel Wagner, 2d. Davide Bernardis, 3d, won the game against Elian Grigoriu, 5d. The wallists are updated on the page Results.  

13th July 2021: The second rounds of both tournaments are finished. The results of rounds 1 and 2 are available: Results. In the afternoon, we had a PairGo tournament. Since the number of players was 32(!), we split it in two groups with 8 pairs. After three rounds we had the winners: Anna Melnyk and Gabriel Wagner won the Group A, Vira Chernova and Karlo Vlahovic won the Group B.

12th July 2021: The first rounds of both tournaments are finished. The starting lists and results of the round 1 are available: Results. In the afternoon, Qualification for Lightning Tournament were played: 32 players in 8 groups. After dinner, Catalin Taranu, 5p, gave a lesson on solving tsumego.

11th July 2021: After several long journeys, all participants arrived to Zaostrog. The opening ceremony was held on the terrace of the restaurant Dalmacija at 8 PM on Sunday. Participants had the opportunity to meet Stanislaw Frejlak, 7d, from Poland, who had the great tournament on WAGC 2021 in Vladivostok. The first round of the Open Tournament started on Monday at 10 AM.

5th July 2021: We are approaching the beginning of the Summer Go Festival. Go-equipment has already been set-up. It is the last moment to inform the organizers about any changesThe situation with Covid-19 throughout Europe looks better than before, but we will be cautious. Detailed schedule of activities is available as a pdf file: Zaostrog2021_Schedule

10th June 2021: The details about the accommodation: The camp activities are free for participants residing in the Resort Dalmacija, otherwise it is 10 EUR per day, or 40 EUR for the whole weekPlayers who registered for SEYGO Zaostrog and provided the clothing size until Saturday, 12th June 2021, will get a free SEYGO T-shirt. 

7th June 2021: Since large groups of participants from Romania and Ukraine registered for the accommodation in Resort Dalmacija, the capacity reserved for Go Festival in bungalows of the Resort is full. For those who register soon, we will have double and triple rooms available.

4th June 2021: According to the updated map of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Croatian coastal area became a “orange” Covid-19 zone, just like many other zones in Europe.

14th May 2021: The first announcement of the SEYGO Tour 2021 has been sent. The first event will be held on the  Online Go Server. We expect that at least some events will be held “live”. You can register for the SEYGO Tour 2021 filling the form SEYGOTour2021. Please, note that the Summer Go Festival has a separate registration form for the SEYGO Tournament, since it includes details about accommodation and T-shirt size.

10th May 2021: The first announcement of the SEYGO Summer Go Festival in Zaostrog has been published. Since almost all “live” Go tournaments since European Youth Go Championships 2020 have been cancelled or moved “on-line”, we expect that this Festival will attract more than 100 Go players and visitors.

During one weeek (between Monday, 12th July and Saturday 17th July) we will have two go tournaments (EGD A-class):

The video from the 1st SEYGO Summer Go Camp held 2019:

The video from the 2nd SEYGO Summer Go Camp held 2020:

About SEYGO Tour

Saijo European Youth GO Tour is a new, long-term project, which focuses on Go events for European youth. As of 2021, there will be two age groups: under 12 and under 18. The project starts from the premise that the European Go community is lacking go tournaments suitable for children. As a consequence, the game of Go is losing momentum in many European countries, because there are not enough new players to support the necessary Go infrastructure. Through a series of tournaments with a high-level organization, the project aims at rising both the number of beginners playing Go and the number of strong players competing for trophies and titles.


More detailed description of SEYGO Project is available on the official webpage of European Go Federation:


Please follow the official SEYGO webpage for information about other SEYGO events in 2021.

Zaostrog 2021 Group Photo
Floating Go - Zaostrog 2020
SEYGO - Zaostrog 2019