SEYGO Tour 2023 Summer Go Festival

Zaostrog, Croatia
Aug 19- Aug 26, 2023


25th Aug 2023: The Zaostrog Open tournament finished with clear 5 wins for Ni Yujun, 5d, from China.  Stjepan Medak, 3d, from Croatia, scored 4 wins and the second place. Five players scored 3 wins: Zbynek Dach, 4d, from Czechia had the best SOS, winning the bronze trophy. Roko Crvelin, 2d, edged the fourth prize, whereas Bartolomej Dach, 2d, was the best U12, and Mirta Medak, 3d, was the best female player. All details are available on the Results page. The top game of each round has been broadcast by IZIS intelligent board purchased from Hebsacker Verlag. 

24th Aug 2023: After a “free” day with Diving Go, Chess&Go, Blitz finals, we started the Zaostrog Open tournament with 64 players (Open_Starting_List). 

22nd Aug 2023: After five rounds, SEYGO tournament finished with two winners: Dragos Boldeanu, 2d, top won U18 group and Bartolomej Dach, 1d, won the U12 group. In the U18 group, Stjepan Medak, 3d, was second and Roko Crvelin, 2d, won the match for the 3rd place. In the U12 group Bende Barcza, 1d, was second and Nicholas Patrascu, 4kyu, won the match for the 3rd place.  All details are available on the Results page The top game of the tournament was always broadcast live. We use the IZIS intelligent board purchased from Hebsacker Verlag. Stay tuned for the 1st round of the Zaostrog Open tournament on Thursday 24th August 2023, at 9:30 AM CEST!.

20th Aug 2023: After the nice opening ceremony on 19th Aug, we started the SEYGO tournament with 59 players. The starting list, pairings and results of the first 2 rounds are available on the Results page. The update of the daily schedule: Zaostrog2023_Schedule.  

18th Aug 2023: The starting list with 58 players for the SEYGO tournament is ready: SEYGO_Zaostrog_2023 . Please, check if your name is on the list. The starting list of the Zaostrog Open with 62 players is ready as well: Zaostrog_Open_2023. It is still not to late to register for the Open tournament, but be aware that coming in the last minute is not polite.

5th Feb 2023: Detalis about SEYGO Tour Summer Go Festival are published. You can find the prices and the registration form for the whole event or Zaostrog Open only. 

16th Dec 2022: The SEYGO Tour 2023 is announced. Details and registration forms are available on the SEYGO webpage at European Go Federation. 

15th Dec 2022: We are announcing that the 5th Summer Go Festival will be held between 19th August 2023 (arrival on Saturday) and 26th August 2023 (departure on Saturday). We are again to the hostel Sisak Zaostrog (a great terrace and footbal/basketball playing field). The best way to see what is it about is to watch the videos from the firs event (2019) and the last one (2022):

About SEYGO Tour

Saijo European Youth GO Tour is a new, long-term project, which focuses on Go events for European youth. As of 2021, there will be two age groups: under 12 and under 18. The project starts from the premise that the European Go community is lacking go tournaments suitable for children. As a consequence, the game of Go is losing momentum in many European countries, because there are not enough new players to support the necessary Go infrastructure. Through a series of tournaments with a high-level organization, the project aims at rising both the number of beginners playing Go and the number of strong players competing for trophies and titles.


More detailed description of SEYGO Project is available on the official webpage of European Go Federation:


Please follow the official SEYGO webpage for information about other SEYGO events in 2023.

Zaostrog 2023 Group Photo
Zaostrog 2021 Group Photo

7th Aug 2023: Registration for SEYGO Tour Summer Go Festival is almost closed: the hostel is fully booked. 

Floating Go - Zaostrog 2020
SEYGO - Zaostrog 2019