Open Tournament

Open Tournament is open to all players. We encourage all children and youth participating in SEYGO tournament to join the Open Tournament as well. The tournament will be played using the McMahon system, computer pairing, 5 rounds, to be played on Thursday and Friday (August 24-25, 2023). 

Entry fees: 

  • for participants who are older than 18 on August 1, 2023 –  20 EUR,
  • for children and youth younger than 18 – 10 EUR.
  • for participants who register after August 15, 2023 – additional fee 5 EUR

Registration for Open Tournament: Fill the form

The opening ceremony will be held on Thursday (August 24) at 9:00 PM. 

The closing ceremony will be held on Friday (August 25) in the evening. 

Prizes: trophy for the winner, 85 % of entry fees (35%, 25%, 15%, 10%) + best U12 + best girl. In case that the number of participants is lower, we still guarantee the first prize to be 200 EUR.

Time limits: 60 minutes of basic time, with 3×30 seconds Japanese byoyomi.

Rules: Japanese with the EGF Tournament Rules regulations.